What grades does your school offer?
Augsburg Fairview Academy offers grades 9 – 12.

How many credits are required to graduate?
Augsburg Fairview Academy requires 22 credits to graduate. Students generally earn about 7.5 credits per school year.

What is the cost to attend your school?
Augsburg Fairview Academy is a Charter School, this means we do not charge a tuition for our students.

What is your class schedule?
Regular school days are Monday – Thursday (8:45 – 3:25), Elective classes are held on Fridays (10:00 – 2:00). Occasionally we will also have Regular school days on Fridays, students and families will be notified and the dates are marked on our school calendar.

What is the diversity of your students? What is the diversity of your staff?
While amounts vary, Augsburg Fairview Academy students and staff represent a variety of cultures, including: African American, Caribbean, European American, Hawaiian / Pacific Islander, Hmong, Indian, Latino, Liberian, Mexican, Native American (including Cherokee, Dakota, Ho-Chunk, Lakota, Ojibwe, Navajo), Puerto Rican, Somali.

Where is your school located?
Augsburg Fairview Academy is located in South Minneapolis at 2504 Columbus Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55404. We are about .5 blocks from Children’s Hospital.

How is your school connected to Augsburg College? How is your school connected to Fairview Health Services?
We are co-sponsored by Augsburg College and Fairview Health Services, who are committed to working together in order to provide students with an education that prepares them for careers in Health Care, Education and Human Services. Augsburg College also offers a tuition discount to our students of $2,000 per year that a student is enrolled at Augsburg Fairview Academy.

What transportation is offered to students?
All Augsburg Fairview Academy students are provided with MetroTransit Go-To Cards. The cards are active for the whole school year, as long as the student remains enrolled. The cards are active 24 hours a day, this provides students with reliable transportation to school as well as volunteer and work opportunities. Students will need to pay extra fare if they take an Express bus, and will need to pay a replacement fee for any lost cards.

Does your school have a library?
Augsburg Fairview Academy has two libraries, the Multicultural Resource Library and the Native American Resource Library. A list of materials can be found on our website. Many teachers also have materials available in their classrooms.

What is the average class size?
Classes are typically 5 – 15 students.

How many students are enrolled at your school?
Enrollment at Augsburg Fairview Academy varies. Our average enrollment is 130 – 150 students.

Do students wear uniforms?
No, students are not required to wear uniforms while attending Augsburg Fairview Academy.

What sports teams does your school have?
Augsburg Fairview Academy does not have any sports teams at this time. Students who participate in community sports teams may be eligible for Health & Wellness credit.

What clubs / groups does your school have?
Augsburg Fairview Academy offers a variety of clubs and groups, and student are encouraged to create clubs that reflect their interests. We currently offer: Prom Committee, Public Achievement, Student Council, and Video Game Club. Our Social Work Department also offers: Boys Group, Criminal Justice Group, Girls Group, Hope Club, LGBTQ Group and Native American Group.

What language classes are offered?
Augsburg Fairview Academy currently offers Dakhóta Studies & Ojibwe Studies (Monday – Friday) and Spanish (Friday). 

What Art classes are offered?
Augsburg Fairview Academy currently offers: Digital Media, Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Studio Art & Video Art.

Student Support
Does your school have an ELL / ESL Program?
Augsburg Fairview Academy has recently hired an ELL Support Staff.

Does your school offer Special Education services?
Augsburg Fairview Academy has a Special Education Department that includes three Special Education Case Managers, and six Special Education Paraprofessionals. The Special Education staff provide academic support in the general education setting as well as in small-group settings.

Can students earn credit for working?
Augsburg Fairview Academy offers a Work Based Learning Program, students who work or volunteer can be eligible to earn up to 3.5 credits per school year.

How does your school prepare students for college and / or careers?
Augsburg Fairview Academy offers a Work Based Learning Program, as well as a College & Career Readiness Class (Friday). We host a variety of Career Fairs throughout the school year to introduce students to professionals in fields including Criminal Justice, Health Care, Mental Health, STEM Careers, Trades, and more. Augsburg Fairview Academy partners with the Minneapolis and St. Paul Indian Education Programs to host the Native American College Fair in November. Students who are on track to graduate can be eligible for PSEO.

How does your school support Native students?
Augsburg Fairview Academy offers an Indian Education Program for our Native American students, and the school as a whole. The program includes Dakhóta Ojibwe Studies, a Native American College Fair, a Native American Family Involvement Day, a Native American Presenter Series, and a Native American Resource Library. Our Indian Education Coordinator and Cultural Liaison also offer support to staff in incorporating Native American history, culture and language into their classes.