Friday Classes


1st Hour (10:00 -12:00)
Lunch (12:00 – 12:30)
Advisory (12:30 – 1:00)
2nd Hour (1:00 – 3:00)

1st Hour Options

Quarter 1 Quarter 2 Quarter 3 Quarter 4
Robotics Robotics Robotics Robotics
Social Studies Recovery with Ms. Wick Dance Music English Recovery
Ojibwe Studies II Ojibwe Studies II Ojibwe Studies II Ojibwe Studies II
Girls Inc** Girls Inc** English Recovery

2nd Hour Options

Quarter 1 Quarter 2 Quarter 3 Quarter 4
Math Recovery Math Recovery Math Recovery Math Recovery
Psychology Social Studies Recovery with Mr. Dusty Social Studies Recovery with Mr. Dusty Science Recovery
Science Recovery Strategy Games Strategy Games Woodworking
Video Game Design Video Game Design

This is a high energy active class. Every student should come to class prepared to move! This class will allow students to learn about the history,theory, and culture of different forms of dance as well as create their own choreography. This class is open to ALL students whether you are a beginner or an avid dancer.

English Recovery:

Girls Inc.:
Girls YWCA-Minneapolis mission is to inspire all girls to be strong, smart and bold. During this semester long course we will cover:

Financial Literacy: economic and financial topics such as attitudes and values about money, career strategies, worker rights, taxes and other paycheck deductions, planning and budgeting, banking, using credit, shopping tips, renting vs. buying, avoiding predatory lenders and other financial traps, and investment options.

Healthy Sexuality: recognizing and moving beyond limiting stereotypes that are limiting for women; using values as a basis for positive decision making; acting assertively; developing relationship skills; avoiding STIs, and understanding the facts on contraception and protection

Resolution and Prevention: develop skills for growth and success that promote social, emotional, and physical well-being and identify the impact and consequences of  behaviors, as well as learned alternatives for expressing and managing anger

Those who satisfactorily complete  Girls Inc.  will be invited to free field trips and obtain a year-long fitness membership to the YWCA-Midtown location

** You must sign up for both quarters to be enrolled in Girls Inc.

Health Recovery:

History Through Film:
History through Film is a class that uses Hollywood films, based on a historical event or figure, as a guide to learn about the background of the event. Students will view several movies throughout the quarter and study the historical context of the movie. Students will compare and contrast the events and people depicted in the movie to the actual history. Students will write a movie review for each movie that discusses the historical accuracy of the movie, the overall entertainment value and rate the movie on a scale. Students will also explore the positives and negatives of movies that are historically inaccurate and develop an opinionated essay to support their claim.

Math Recovery:
Are you short 0.25 math credits in Algebra or Geometry? Did you miss a quarter? Suddenly a bit short just before graduation? Come on Friday from 1-3 to recover that credit!

Ojibwe Studies 2:
The Ojibwe Studies 2 course will be a semester long class that will focus on giving the students a more refined understanding of the Ojibwe language and culture. This class will also offer different cultural activities and games that will make the course fun and engaging. Students will also learn about different ceremonies and their purpose.

Recreation and Leisure Activities:
Students will be exposed to and participate in various types of “hands on” games and skills which can become lifetime activities for enjoyment. Activities will be taught and practiced during class time. A variety of skill applications will be implemented as students learn about these games and their connections to leisurely fun and socialization. Throughout the course students will be asked to identify yearly times, locations, and environments to conduct activities. A few of the activities include disc golf, badminton, bags toss, mini-golf, cribbage.

Psychology is the systematic study of individual human behavior and experience. The purpose of this course is to introduce the student to the content, terminology, methodology, and application of the discipline. This is an introductory class and students will study the senses, motivation, personality, experimentation, memory, consciousness, as well as how the brain learns information. Students will learn how to interpret statistics, conduct an experiment, and participate in activities that highlight the different topics of study.

The robotics curriculum is divided up into 12 primary Units and 1 optional Unit.  Students will start off learning about engineering and engineering problem solving.  They will be given introductions to VEX EDR and Autodesk® Inventor®.  In Unit 5 students will be presented with an engineering challenge; they will need to build a robot to play a sport-like game.  After this, the rest of the curriculum walks students through the design of their robot while presenting them with relevant STEM and Robotics principles.  At the end of the course, students compete head-to-head with their robots.

Science Recovery:
This class will be based strictly on an individual students needs. From early Biology to late Chemistry or even General Science. The students placed in the class will dictate where this class goes.

Social Studies Recovery with Mr. Dusty:
Social Studies Recovery will focus on independent based projects. In the class students will learn skills such as researching methods, thinking and writing like a historian, use of primary documents, public speaking, presenting and many other skills. Depending on the student’s need, we will select a credit recovery project, design the topic to fit the subject and I will guide the students through their project with small one on one instruction. Some credit project options can be done in class while others will require time and effort outside of the classroom hours.

Social Studies Recovery with Ms. Wick
Social Studies Credit Recovery gives students the opportunity to make up .25 of any social studies credit that they may have missed out on. This class will be project based and will help to promote all the skills students need to succeed in the modern world: critical thinking, problem-solving, perseverance and effective communication Students will work with Miss.Wick to choose a topic and create a project that meets Minnesota state standards in the area in which they need credit recovery. The students will spend the quarter working on their project and will present their project to their peers.

Strategy Games:
Learn the rules of some well known strategy games and then take on your classmates!

Video Game Design:
This course will introduce students to the basics of video game design. Students will learn basic coding and game design while creating a 2D retro video game. We will be using Game Maker Studio software which is also available for home use. Students will be required to work as part of a team and may focus on producing the visual art, sound effects and music, or coding for game mechanics. While students will choose an area of focus, students will gain experience in all areas. Students will also study game mechanics through playing and analyzing a variety of video games demonstrating traditional and innovative mechanics and art styles. Agenda