Biology 1:
An introduction to the world around us using the science of Biology. This course will introduce students to life on the Microscopic level and to all of the different types of organisms that our planet has to offer. This course will give students an understanding of the different types of life that have evolved here on Earth, as well as the different types of cells that life is made of. From bacteria to fungus, and from plants to animals all of the introductory bases will be covered. We will compare and contrast the DNA of these lifeforms, and also the molecules they are composed of.

Biology 2:
This course will take over where the first course left off. All though it is not necessary to have taken the first course to fully appreciate the second. In the second half of Biology we focus more on the biological systems that make life possible. From photosynthesis to Krebs’ cycle, and from all of the different organ systems in a complex animal to the simple osmosis and diffusion of a jelly fish. This course focuses more on the macro instead of the micro side of Biology.

This is a full year course that will get every student that takes it ready for the rigors of academic life after high school. Chemistry is an intense course that brings students to a better understanding of the world and the universe we are a part of. Starting with the simple tasks of learning about atoms and the periodic table all the way to learning Stoichiometry. This course deals with balancing chemical equations, and the fun labs that come with it; to understanding all the math involved with Avogadro’s number and the mole. Sprinkle in some atomic theory with ionic vs. covalent bonding and there it is. Chemistry will expand the mind and the understanding of any student that is ready to take it seriously.

General Science:


Science Recovery (Friday Class):
This class will be based strictly on an individual students needs. From early Biology to late Chemistry or even General Science. The students placed in the class will dictate where this class goes.