Work Based Learning

What is the Work Based Learning Program?

In order to help students gain experience in the world of work, and to explore career options, Work Based Learning programs, which allow students to earn course credit for working or volunteering in the community, have been instituted in schools across the nation.

These programs can benefit students (improved academic performance, preparation for post-secondary options, connecting with role models), educators (better student engagement, higher graduation rates, improved relationships with the community), and the community (better prepared employees, lower turn-over, improved employee morale).

The schools’ Workforce Coordinator serves as a liaison between the students, the school, and the employer to ensure that all parties are working together effectively.


Information for Employers/Potential Employers

If you would like to learn more about the Work Based Learning program, our school, or our students, please contact Alex Moen.

Alex Moen
(612) 227-9434