Why donate to AFA?

Unlike traditional public schools, public charter schools like Augsburg Fairview Academy are not allowed to raise additional funds through local tax levies.  Your donation helps us maintain our high quality, successful educational programs.

When you make a gift to AFA, you help preserve this tradition of excellence established by dedicated teachers and staff, support the learning of our current students, and honor the legacy of AFA’s alumni.  All donations to AFA are tax deductible. Augsburg Fairview Academy is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Here are some examples of how a gift of any size can help:

  • $1 can buy bus fair for a student
  • $2.50 can buy up to 6 students a snack
  • $3.50 can buy lunch for a student who cannot afford it
  • $5 can buy a replacement bus card when one is lost or stolen
  • $10 can buy school supplies for a student
  • $20 can buy a backpack for a student in need
  • $50 can buy food or hygiene products for the Hope Closet
  • $100 can buy a classroom set of novels
  • $250 can help send a class on an academically enriching field trip
  • $500 can help send a student to an academically enriching summer camp


Where does my donation go?

When you make a gift to AFA, 100% of your contribution supports programs and activities that enhance the educational experience of the students we serve. Examples include:

  • Field Trips and Excursions: Minnesota Science Museum, National College Fair, college visits both in and outside of the metro area and theater productions
  • Technology Integration: As a school committed to providing students with a 21st century learning experience, AFA utilizes philanthropic support to ensure each classroom is equipped with state of the art technology to support teaching and learning.
  • College Readiness: Philanthropic support is used to provide students with expertise and guidance as they and their families navigate the college-preparatory process.
  • Hope Club:  Your funds directly and anonymously support AFA students and families with immediate needs such as food, clothing, hygiene products and groceries.


Please remember that gifts of all sizes are welcome. No gift is too small or big.

For more information about supporting Augsburg Fairview Academy, please contact Heidi E. Anderson, Executive Director, at 612-245-1844 or via email at