Community Partners


Augsburg Fairview Academy’s co-sponsors, Augsburg College and Fairview Health Services, are dedicated to providing students with an education that prepares them for careers in Health Care, Education and Human Services. We also partner with many local and individuals in order to support our students in becoming successful learners, below is information on some of the organizations that we partner with. We look forward to partnering with more programs and individuals in order to support our students in becoming successful learners.

First Universalist Church provides resources and volunteers to stock and organize our on-site food shelf and clothing closet; they also have volunteers in a few of the classrooms.

Hope Street for Homeless Youth and YouthLink provide many resources, including emergency shelter, transitional housing, health services, employment services and more for our homeless students and those who are at risk of homelessness.

Minnesota Visiting Nurses Association meets individually with pregnant and parenting students to promote healthy birth outcomes, healthy child growth and development and family self-sufficiency.

Public Achievement through Augsburg College’s Center for Democracy and Citizenship works with students to take action on a public problem that is important to them. The team works with a coach—typically a teacher or college student—to develop an action plan; through practice and reflection, the team members develop public skills and confidence.