Indian Education Program

Augsburg Fairview Academy is committed to providing the Native youth of the Twin Cities with a school that will meet their unique educational and culturally related academic needs, while preparing them to attend post-secondary education and become our future leaders. We look forward to collaborating with community members on the best ways to serve our students.

Our Indian Education Coordinator, Dakhóta Studies & Ojibwe Studies Teachers work closely with our teachers to meet state standards and to incorporate Native American history, culture and achievements into all classes. Students and staff are able to check-out a variety of books, curriculum, DVDs and music from the Native American Resource Library for classwork or personal growth.

All students at Augsburg Fairview Academy have access to our American Indian History & Culture, Dakhóta Studies and Ojibwe Studies classes and events held throughout the year, including our Native American Presenter Series, Native American Family Day, Native American College Fair and culturally relevant field trips.



We offer American Indian History & Culture, Dakhóta Studies and Ojibwe Studies 1 classes for one period Monday – Thursday; we also offer Ojibwe Studies 2 for one class period on Friday. All of our classes are open to all students regardless of race.

American Indian History and Culture:
Dispelling the myth of prehistory, we will discover our common heritage as Indigenous people and learn cultural protocols.

Dakhóta Studies:
Exploring the world through Dakhóta philosophy and world view with language and history lessons, high concentration on class discussion.

Ojibwe Studies 1: 
The Ojibwe Studies 1 course is designed to give students the necessary speaking and grammar skills to begin reading, writing, and conversing in the Ojibwe language at a beginners level and will also teach students about the culture of the Ojibwe people and how it goes hand in hand with the language and why we can’t have one without the other. This is an interactive class to ensure students are engaged and are having fun learning the Ojibwe language and different cultural activities and games. Students will also learn about different ceremonies and their purpose.

Ojibwe Studies 2 (Friday Class):
The Ojibwe Studies 2 course will be a semester long class that will focus on giving the students a more refined understanding of the Ojibwe language and culture. This class will also offer different cultural activities and games that will make the course fun and engaging. Students will also learn about different ceremonies and their purpose.


Native American Family Involvement Day

Parents & Guardians are invited to attend classes with their students, in the afternoon the school gathers to listen to a speaker. Families are encouraged to express their views concerning all aspects of American Indian Education and the educational needs of the American Indian students enrolled at Augsburg Fairview Academy.

Past Speakers

  • Comache Fairbanks
  • Clyde Bellecourt
  • Sasanehsaeh Pyawasay


Native American College Fair


The Native American College Fair was started in 2013 as a way to bring schools and programs to Native youth in the Twin Cities. In the past an estimated 100 attendees and 40 Colleges and Programs took part in the college fair. The Minneapolis and St. Paul Indian Education programs joined the Native American College Fair in 2015, with the addition of these programs we are able to reach more students and families. The college fair is free and open to the public, attendees will include students, their families and community members.

Students will speak with representatives from a wide variety of post-secondary institutions, job training and community programs. They will learn about college life, courses, and admission & financial aid requirements. A healthy light meal and door prizes will be available for attendees; we also plan to have a cultural demonstration and a musical performance.

An updated list of colleges, programs and door prizes can be found on the Facebook event page.


Native American Presenter Series

We host a Native American Presenter Series throughout the school year, presenters speak to students and staff about history, culture and issues currently affecting the Native Community.

Past Presenters

  • Rep. Susan Allen
  • Troy Amlee
  • Native Pride Arts
  • Suzanne Nash, Indigenous Peoples Task Force
  • Norma Smith, Native American Somali Friendship Committee
  • Mary Lyons
  • Sean Sherman, Sioux Chef Catering
  • Henry Boucha


2016 – 2017 Indian Education Parent Committee Meetings

Thursdays, 4:00 – 5:00 at Augsburg Fairview Academy

September 29, 2016
October 27, 2016
January 26, 2017
February 23, 2017
March 23, 2017
April 27, 2017


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